Evan Anderson is a Front-end Web Engineer based in Los Angeles who has a passion for web technologies and the global exposure his contributions to projects receive.


HyperText Markup Language


  • I believe it's important to give proper meaning to a document by writing semantic markup.
  • You can access the content of this site by just using tab and enter on your keyboard because I understand the importance of ARIA!


  • Client-side web APIs without the need for jQuery is the best!
  • Staying up to date with the latest and greatest of the ECMAScript has also proven keen.
  • Performance tools like Lighthouse, WebpageSpeedTest and, just throttling your devTools help keep a focus on performance.


  • Javascript with server-side technologies and build tools like Express, Grunt & Webpack are genius!


  • All the benefits of server-side rendering and React with NextJs has been fun.
  • Keeping data in control with Redux with the lifecycle of a component has its merit.
User Interaction & Experience

User Interaction & Experience

  • The way we interact with user interfaces is more important than ever.
  • Exporting from tools like Zeplin, InVision, or Sketch has proven valuable between teams.


Starting development as a teenager by building free websites on Geocities with Flash, my interest in the internet and technology has fueled the knowledge I have obtained today.

On my free time I enjoy getting away from the screen and training for triathlons or traveling to new places. I enjoy exploring exotic locations as well just relaxing. I come from a big family where working as a team was necessary.

Work History

Front-End Web Engineer

Fandango / NBC Universal- Los Angeles, CA

Aug 2012 - Present


  • Develop a brand new NextJS React application with Redux
  • Page performance optimizations
  • Content Management System (CMS) maintainability


  • Proof of concept for a federated platform
  • Setup A/B tests for BI (Business Intelligence) teams
  • Participate in multiple redesigns
  • Manage commerce and purchase flows using client-side javascript


  • Port pages from .Net to NodeJS
  • Bring 3rd party website in-house
  • Maintain .Net pages using Razor markup and CSS
  • Troubleshoot and implement versions of advertising units
  • Execute marketing initiatives such as landing pages, hubs, gift cards, promotional pages, and waiting rooms

Front-End Web Developer

Lucid Fusion- Irvine, CA

Dec 2011 - Aug 2012


  • Convert design assets (Photoshop / Illustrator) to W3C compliant HTML & CSS files
  • Email Marketing - Inline CSS, nested tables, image rendering, and validation
  • Modular styling for fluid Content Management System (CMS) integration
  • Uphold cross browser consistency